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with SYNCRONET- Master Training & Elders  The who's who of what's what downunder.


Rather than existing at the expense of the people involved Brindle Style uses a relational approach to creating community IndyMedia. The editor and originator since 2003 is Aotearoa visual artist MARIA LESLEY TONKS who has  a background in DESIGN FOR LEARNING, in both the arts and freepress traditions all the way back to the 1970s and 80s and then into digital and communications technology.


As well as this dimension of work Maiia Art has a massive amount of virtue signalling, Two decades of pointing at the local projects especially social and economic justice campaigns.  painting, drawing, murals, banners and community media projects that support and The who's who of what's what downunder.


Ray Of Sunshine There's a Ribbon in the Sky for our Love" - Stevie Wonder  (16ft painting)



Walden's Pond -  Bringing Heart to Healing.   Never mind. Avoid burnout, and stay strong whether you're facing crocodiles, stinging and biting creatures. Information, tools, AND techniques FOR HEALING.  Warrior Spirit  


"A variety of narrative traditions observing and express a simultaneously premodern and post-colonial vision of the southern hemisphere.  Whether it's on a wall or a fence, constrained by the small dimension that becoming cartoon-like and 2D on A4 and below.   to the icons of advertsing and social media.  with the camera,


Painting, drawing, and community media projects that bring a greater awareness to community development and social and economic justice campaigns. 



 Brindle Style - and the European diaspora. Anglo-Celtic Indigenous heritage has travelled thousands of years and thousands of miles...Oak trees, walnuts, blackberries, and hedgehogs were a part of 20th C New Zealand life as much as kumara, totara, tui, or manuka honey.  
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