The Green Room

"Your heart is the best source of clean energy" - Dreaming Bear

A cross-tooth saw hangs from the rafters from days of building  stuff out of whatever's around.  Big fat trees in their case, recycled materals and found objects in the new paradigm  Collaborative Production for community with Brindle Style - Vision Board   Collaborating Crew


Maiia: I like the idea of building upon, always honouring those who go before as we co-create.   There were hearts and these children's potato heads already painted - so the space had a sense of heart and Harvest Festival  Design incorporates collage because we received donations of food and travel magazines, which help illustrate the seasonal cyclical nature of our cultural events, food and festivity throughout the yearBrindle Style - Vision Boarding


Green Room: the four directions, the four seasons, the four chambers of the heart  Southern Hemisphere - Tropics of Capricorn for visitors from around the world and around Australia.  

Digger Street Arts Collective A Green Room is a room in a theatre,

studio, or other public venue for the accommodation of performers or speakers when ot required on the stage...  (wikipedia) 


"The gift, the ultimate tool has always been within you. Your heart is an extraordinary gift, that once awakened beyond the mind controlling it, has all the answers all the wisdom of the universe."  Kira Raa Bridging Heaven & Earth


Mid-year tropical winter is festive season in Far North Queensland.   The Green Room opens into the 'real' world of community events and tourist season into the spring and  Festival of Cairns 

Rainy season (summer) finds us indoors from the monsoon and the heat as sure as snow heralds Christmas in the northern hemishere.





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