Real Pride

This piece began as an exploration from a southern hemisphere context, the ancient and enduring story of Icarus. A Greek tale about a youth who ignored his fathers cautionary advice - who fly too close to the sun which caused his wings made only of feathers and wax to melt. Apparently he fell to his death into the sea.  


I took a liking to the form in the tailfeathers - so did  Peacock another aspect of the theme original innocence and hullaballoo  It's all green blue violet of the higher chakras in the peacock piece but just as importantly the red, orange, yellow fire energies light the path, dismiss shadow, warm and inspire us.


The top corner reminded me of the Olympic torch which ran along the Cairns Esplanade,  with a big parade and American marching bands hullaballoo for the Sydney Olympics.


Yothu Yindi were on stage  and Cathy Freeman lighting the Olympic Beacon










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