Mana Tamariki YOUTH FORUMS
BRINDLE STYLE - TWENTY TWENTY - The Millennial Edition


celebrates twenty years on the internet.   

SHINE BRIGHT Like a Diamond!


Let's get real about productivity, creativity, education, innovation and employment.  Let's utilise the technology along with the ordinary human capacity for good will, good humour, generosity and reciprocity. 

  In The STUDIO  with Editor and originator -  Maria Lesley Tonks


  SYNCRONET Master Training & Cottage Industry with Liza Sellton




CREATING and sharing intelligent, engaging, culturally and locally relevant print projects to enjoy in joy.


Colouring books, puzzles, jokes, gifts and activity packs. 


ILUMINATA: In the tradition of Iluminated Manuscript


Beautifully written, illustrated or hand finished works, rather than mechanically printed or digital reproductions. 

Brindle Style - SCHOOL O FARTS





    A Celebration of Life


As an injured croc disappears into the river some times for months, even an entire year - we all will at some points in our lives need time out to renew and refresh the spirit. Avoid

burnout and stay strong through grief, trauma and crisis.  Make PTSD a thing of the past. 


Let's Decolonise the transnational economies of media, information and entertainment.  - Why pay for garbage, when we're perfectly capable of reinventing the local industry and producing our own garbage. 







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