Green Man

  A kindred spirit from northern hemisphere  Clip below.  Matthew Fox talks about Greenman.  Myth and Masculinity.


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Aretha Franklin sings about a Natural Woman - But what about the Natural Man?  Greenman Painting   The European Geenman appears Brisbane Print Office in 1910.   European archetype in the Southern Hemisphere byNew Zealand artist Maiia, editor  Brindle Style Artists Forum


Greenwoman    More Greenman Works The Greenman mythos has it's roots deep in the soil, the soul of Indigenous Europe.  According to wikipedia Greenman imagery turns up on churches and pubs in England travelling along with Anglo-Celtic immigration into the colonial and now the technological era. Iron Hans- A Book about Men another tale about manspirit the Wildman -1990 by Robert Bly James Hillman 
Maiia:  Green Man symbolises biophylia - recognition of life reflected in the growing things in many ancient traditions. With ties to Robin Hood, Herne the hunter; Pan of ancient Greece.  Pan may have been impetuous,but not heartless... making a flute from reeds to mourn love lost.  The blues .        


"...western morality tends to put all better things up high and worse things down low.  By the last century, growth became inexorably caught up in this ascensionist fantasy.  Darwin's thesis, The Descent of Man, became, in our minds, the ascent of man." James Hillman - The Soul's Code.        Green man - wikipedia.

Green Man symbolism has roots in the Indigenous cultures of Europe, turning up - on churches and pubs alike, travelling then on invasions of other continents like Australia.  ASample Image Green Man appears in 1910 on the Brisbane Print office.    photo
 "Dance then wherever you maybe, I am the Lord of the Dance said He.  And I lead you all wherever you may be and I lead you all in the dance said he." 
Maiia: The Pen Island Hippies made us sing Lord of the Dance" in 1970's...  right- Paddy St Patricks  Day

 Iron John - the Wildman by Robert Bly


   Jack Black's shroom skit- Pick of Destiny - covers a linked theme The Wildman theme



"Irwin Abrams, The Nobel Peace Prize and the Laureates, 1901-2001, argues that the peace laureates serve "as examples for the rest of us, especially young people, to try to emulate." What gives meaning to their stories, he believes, is that they reflect the capacity each of us has for courage, commitment and moral strength."  -Scott London


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