Media Reform

Bill Moyer  "Media conglomerates endeavour to protect Special Privilege asserted as property rights and fail to disguise democracy's failure to address conflict between these Property rights and human Rights."Media Reform Conference (U.S)


Project and Professional Development Skills for Creative Industry.


A century of commerce-driven pseudo-culture and propoganda has given way to a brave new paradigm. From here it is possible to reconfigure the digital landscape .  


Maiia Brindle

Editor and webmaster Maiia  has been at the forefront of Australia's Media Reform and independent media production movements since the 1980s. 


BRINDLE STYLE was a bold move and this project hit the interwebs in March of 2003. Now with more than a decade of architecting, design and interpreting The Way of community led Indy-Media online.




Maiia "More singing is good but it will take more than the National Anthem to inspire unity and harmony. To reCognise, capture and captilise the creative spirit and the emerging cultural narratives.  Back in 2007 when we first wrote this page, Australia's idea of capitalising on 'new media' - was selling compact discs - as if distributing copies of Advance Australia Fair would advance community cohesion.



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