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The Community has an excellent advocate in Jon Hawke  4th Pillar of Sustainability - Revisited   (2004)  pdf - Culturaldevelopment.net..


"Have things changed much since March 2001

• cultural policies have proliferated

• governments of all hues and levels have begun to recognise the importance of this culture thing

• there’s something approaching full employment for cultural development workers

• more people are singing and dancing together than since the advent of television

• there is a growing recognition of the power of art to address social problems …"


"Our culture remains PASSIVE, and will continue to be so unless CONFIDENCE can be generated."


• CONFIDENCE in the intrinsic value of art

• CONFIDENCE in the capacities of communities to make their own culture

• CONFIDENCE in our capacity to argue the case for what we believe, IN OUR OWN TERMS

• CONFIDENCE in the ‘internal’ outcomes of active participation (that is, in the process effects, in distinction from the product effects) 

• CONFIDENCE in the fact that, if communities have the tools, they can make their own way

• CONFIDENCE that creativity doesn’t need another bandwagon

• CONFIDENCE in the value of working together."




Presentation aids -  2005 BY JON HAWKES



"Here are 21 one-page charts, lists etc that I have designed as aide-memoires and/or projected displays that can be used to support presentations about:


the value of applying a cultural perspective to policy development processes;

the value of art in general and participatory arts in particular

Since I wrote The Fourth Pillar of Sustainability: culture’s essential role in public planning in 2001, I have used many of these sheets in the presentations I have given. I’ve found them helpful, and many attendees have asked for copies. So here they are, at last.  All I ask is that you acknowledge their authorship."



Culture's Essential Role in Public Planning  - For the Cultural Development Network (Vic) 2001 Googlebooks -        Culturaldevelopment.net - Revisited 2004 


Port Phillip Online - Cultural Vitality conference papers and resources


Groundswell  - Creative Engagement - keynote address   -"The cultural and creative rights of Australians have been trivialised, ignored and denied" - Jon Hawkes 

Circus Oz - About by founding member Jon Hawkes  

Director of Community Music Victoria 










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