I AM & The Elevator Pitch

"Hi I'm Troy McClure. You may remember me from popular shows such as Moon Gazing and Bandwagon to Wilyacanya" 


Clear and Coherant Prethinking.


  I Am - & The Elevator Pitch Facebook Page for video examples


You get into a lift with a potential employer, mentor or big time investor.  It's the chance of a lifetime. You've just run into Gina Rinehart,  or the ghost of Henry Lawson - You have one minute to introduce yourself and your project before the lift reaches the tenth floor... what do you say?


Here's a simple template to get you started.  


1. My name is ......................
2. What I do......................
3. Whom I do it for.................
4. What do others want or need..
5. How do they change as a result of what I give them?


Eg: My name is Maiia - I work with artists and makers in identifying their own wants and needs and then point out  ways to live and work in the perilous creative industries sector.  So that they can get on with the REAL JOB of creation and innovation, or even choose to simply enjoy creativity as a hobby or pastime.  You can refine and polish it, you can reframe it for your blogg, for a funding application,  or your resume,   You build on it and elaborate for specific purposes.



What is the goal for your  pitch.

What would you like from this encounter?  

For them to visit your website? Give you a job?

What will your pitch convince the listener to do?  Write this down...



Edit, edit and re-edit it.  Say it out loud and see if it matches your speaking style.  Does it sound natural?


Practise it on your family and friends.  Practise it in front of a mirror.  The more you practise it - the better it will become.  You can keep refining and improving it over time.  You can make it into a video clip to paste in your social media outlets.  Or even produce a digital resume. 


If you have a business card keep it handy for such occasions.   Mention your website.


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