The Reverend Dr. Matthew Fox


"Sustainability is another word for Justice for what is just is sustainable and what is unjust is not." Matthew Fox 


A Greenman is carved in stone on the front of the Qld Print Office 1910 in Brisbane, which is a curious sight.  Whilst researching the European Indigenous tradition of the Greenman we meet the wisdom and words of Matthew Fox in about 2003 


Fox had run into trouble with the Vatican, namely the grand inquisitor Cardinal Ratzinger who forbid Fox to teach theology.   He became a member of the Episcopal Church following his expulsion from the Mother Church in 1993.
Fox is an early and influential exponent of a movement that came to be known as Creation Spirituality. Drawing inspiration from the mystical philosophies of such medieval Catholic visionaries as Hildegard of Bingen, Thomas Aquinas, Saint Francis of Assisi, Julian of Norwich, Dante Alighieri, Meister Eckhart and Nicholas of Cusa, as well as the wisdom and prophetic traditions of Jewish scriptures.
Creation Spirituality is also strongly aligned with ecological and environmental movements of the late 20th century and embraces numerous spiritual traditions around the world, including Buddhism, Judaism, Sufism, and Native American spirituality, with a focus on "deep ecumenism" or interfaith. - wikipedia
He is quoted as professing sin to be the disconnection from God's CreationWIKIPEDIA 


95 Theses for a Chrisitianity in the Third Millenium 

Walden's Pond - Bringing HeART to Healing.  Too Cool 


Original Innocence  Original Blessing - Peacock  

50 Years of Creation Spirituality 

SOCIAL INNOVATION  Stolen Destiny Below- An exploration - Real Pride.   

The top corner reminded me of the Olympic torch which ran along the Cairns Esplanade,  with a big parade and American marching bands, hullaballoo for the 2000 Sydney Olympics.


Yothu Yindi on stage  and Cathy Freeman lighting the Olympic Beacon 

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