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Mike Rivett In New York...  


Maiia: How Ya Goin? Crikey even! Lol cat is a phrase that only sounds cool outa the mouths of old'timies, but -these educators -must be some cats ha?


Mike: "David Liebman's music camp was really special! There were Nine of us, so we really got to know Lieb's (on a more personal level than in a larger class. 


A real international hang, there were two guys from France, a girl from Germany, three guys from New York, a lady from Florida, a guy from Brazil and myself from Australia


The class was on chromaticism this year. Mr Liebman talked us through each chapter of his book "A Chromatic Approach to Jazz Harmony and Melody" - playing examples on his saxophone, the piano, or recordings on the stereo.

Amongst all the serious stuff he entertained us with some anecdotes of the New York loft jazz scene when he was growing up. It was great to hear these because it made me realise that even though he is a world class musician he is still just a guy doing what he loves -really approachable and warm.  At the end of the camp we hung out at Liebman's house in the woods and drank beer and ate pizza with him. It was cool watching him playing with Miles on the tv and having him commentate on Miles' rule on the band. He is a funny guy and his relationship with Miles was special.


Having finished the camp I got a sub-let in Brooklyn and began studying with Henry Grimes. I would rock up to his apartment, we would say hardly two words and then we would improvise freely for an hour, drink some water then hit it for another half hour. He is a man of few words and what he says is usually a little cryptic and I have to think about it after I've left the lesson. I have learnt so much just from playing with him.


I have taken one lesson with George Garzone- "He is my man for tenor sax. He gave me his triadic chromatic approach concept which I'll be working on for some years to come. Man it sounds cool though. He whispers everything-like the godfather. It works though, cause I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for every word. Hell for $100 US per hour it's not like I'm gonna be staring out the window or something.


So that's where I'm up to. Of course I have been out seeing amazing music every single night, drinking exotic beers and fine scotches with my new American friends. Just roughing it really. Haaa. Attached are some pics. Thanks for putting this in. Hope all is well wichoo in Cairns, I'll be back at the end of October. -Mike Rivett New School Collective 

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