Critical Thinking

“An overt metaphor is a map, a description we may find useful or not, may accept or reject. A covert metaphor is an attempt to restructure our reality by leading us to accept the map as the territory without questioning where we are going or whose interests are being served.” Starhawk


Determining the bullshit factor...     Mind Control -Monkey see monkey do.  Better the Wise Monkey.


Like analytical listening, critical thinking is a skill that gives you many advantages. It is vitality to lifelong learning and to personal growth. A good critical thinker will be able to question, evaluate and challenge the strength, credibility, value and importance of a product, an idea, a statement.


The gifts of creativity like improvisation leads to innovation and brilliance in the arts – but tends to be too airy fairy to be useful in a business context. It gets more complicated where an economic bottom line leads to mediocrity in arts and culture.  Creative thinking is a proper nuisance in the newsmedia.  WHEN CREATING PROPOGANDA (Crooked misleadingness for trickery)  And believe you me- It is deadset easy to do.  And tempting.


A leader needs good critical thinking skill, to do research. To gather, interpret and compare and weigh up information in order to come to honest and realistic conclusions. Bearing in mind the potential for unwanted consequences of error.


"A successful leader gathers information, then analyses, interprets and understands before acting. Critical thinking is about how you approach problems, questions and issues." - Toastmasters Competent Leadership Critical thinking skill is an invaluable to weighing up risk. For example in acknowledging our biases, to draw rational not emotional conclusions.


Apply some critical thinking to your FACEBOOKing… Call TRUTH if you see it - Call BULLSHIT if you catch it...


One way to work out what IS QUALITY is to look at what is rubbish- that which is not quality. What is bullshit.


What characteristics make a product or service rubbish? Or in other terms substandard.  Lacking in value or merit.


Think of some examples in your own industry... 


Artistic Merit is highly subjective but there are some basics that apply.  Here are some points for consideration and some questions you might ask yourself in order to come to a conclusion about the quality and value of an artistic work.


As Starhawk said in the quote we used earlier. Where is it taking you? Whose interests are being served?

Does it lack depth? Does it have context.  Is it ego-driven self-indulgence? Meaningless drivel?   Is it Bullshit?


Physical Properties… Somethng is bullshit if it’s dangerous or toxic.   It breaks easily.  Deteriorates quickly. It isn’t finished properly. Quality components?




"Instead of pouring knowledge into people's heads, we need to help them grind a new set of eyeglasses so that we can see the world in a new way." -- J S Brown.
Critical thinking  is a discriminative evaluative process, extracting ideas from the stimulus that has been created.
Creative Thinking is used to generate ideas, and stimulate innovation. 
Creative thinking is closely tied to  work of Edward de Bono 's Lateral Thinking or Parallel Thinking  and Tony Buzan  -Mind Mapping

  Links to  Creative thinking tools and resources


EVEN MORE A Massive LIST of hundreds of creativity techniques 

Some techniques that can be applied are available at   example they suggest 'random word' technique  and the wishful thinking technique etc...
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