Saint Patricks Day used to be one of the highlights of the busking year. 2014 was a disaster of disorderly conduct from the international travellers coming to waste money like there is no tomorrow.  Sucked in!  Unfortunately liquor sales contibute very little to community economy.


Backpacker Pissheads - spoil Paddies. Things have slowed considerably on the street since cityplace was closed.


So demeaning how Cairns administration grovels.  You got bucks?  -You the boss. The founding Mothers are turning in their graves no doubt.  


Community self expression is encouraged in theory, in Cairns , yet there are some old guard who align it with begging and soliciting.  


Of course anyone who appreciates the region  knows that it is in fact smoothie carpet-baggers who are on for the pillage  Yacht Club.  Cruise in cruise out take what ya can retire somewhere better.


 Busker- "A street entertainer who provides performances for the public by playing a musical instrument, dancing, singing or clowning, or other acts of a similar nature in public"


time in two decades we turned our back in disgust. Didnt even stop to get photos



There is some question in the streeties guild as to whether professional musos are authentic street acts. However Johnno can do whatever he likes... whenever he please.


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