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butterfly with star animation"Neither big nor hyped up rock'n'roll; but rather small, and intensely charged with good ideas, challenge, wonder and revelation. Radicalised students came from all round Australia along with all kinds of counter cultural gurus, seekers, experimenters in truth, shaman, yogis, street performers, minstrels, poets, jesters, lovers, ravers, fools, prophets, pioneers and kings." - Graeme Dunstan - 40th Anniversary of Aquarius.   



"Forty years on we reflect on how many Aquarian dreams flourished and over time became seamlessly integrated that their Aquarian inspiration is now almost forgotten and invisible,  others became eccentricities or passing fashions, and yet others the shibboleths of scorn and ridicule for succeeding generations.  We celebrate the significance of Aquarius and the wonder of rainbow dreams. Because if you don't have a dream …"  GRAEME DUNSTAN   - how can you have a dream - come - True


Aquarian NEWS        Michael Balderstone



Left Tiger Ploughshare - Graeme DunstanThe Peace Trike and The Notorious Mattock.   Peace by Peace  Nonviolence


 Nonviolence - Skillshare with Margaret  

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