Chinese and Tibetan New Year.  Cairns celebrates Year of the Horse on Feb 1st

 THE PEACE ROOM      Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service @ facebook 

 Dr King Day - 40 Days of Service and Nonviolence  

Cairns PEACE BY PEACE      An introduction to Nonviolence    

Daily updates what's hot and how to stay cool over the holidays.  Cairns Indy-Media    MUSIC  


The World Wide Journey of the Rising Sun.   TROPICS of CAPRICORN

Humidity, temperature and rainfall chart 


 climate in Cairns Australia from 




SUMMER - The  Rainy Season


If want to take slow down and take it easy, rainy season is perfect for that.  It is also good time of year to meet the locals and check out local activities before the hustle of tourist season. 




SUSTAINABLE TRAVELLER  The waterfalls and swimming holes are flowing.  The stinger nets are up at the beach. 




In recognition and acknowledgement of the Australias colonial and Indigenous history t

he main January holiday is often called Invasion Day or Survival Day  - it marks the arrival of "first fleet" and proclamation of British Sovereignty in 1788 at Sydney Cove- WIKIPEDIA      Australia.day.org.gov




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