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Maiia Brindle



 A Shared Knowledge Community Many thanks to everyone who has helped in the massive task of building THE Community Conversation 2003 - 2015. This provides us with the information that we use to identify key areas of need and useful insight into Creating and reCreating our content and direction. ABOUT US - is About You!



MANA TAMARIKI   Bud of Emerging Spring 


Syncronet Elders Forum & Master Training - Eliza Sellton B.SC, Dip Ed, MBTI Accred.  Cottage Industry Project and Professional Development Skills for Creative Industry.


Premodernism & Postcolonialism


 CONTENT GENERATION Whether you have a physical or a digital platform The Next Stage Our own media in our own hands.   MEDIA REFORM   


What our "Neighbours" really do.  News from the final frontiers of invasive colonialism- TROPICS of CAPRICORN  Cairns East  Mobile internet means no more out of sight out of mind! 


Her home in the remote Queensland town of Mossman was a haven for the Rainbow Tribe in the early days of doof - locals and the SUSTAINABLE TRAVELLER getting together around shared values to create and cocreate  The 73 year old installation artist Outsider Artist -Norma  - taking art to the streets.  

Crux Australis Te Punga - The Anchor or Southern Cross
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