My Goals

"There's no telling what you can do when you get inspired by your goals. There's no telling what you can do when you believe in them. And there's no telling what will happen when 

Maiia Brindle

you act upon them."- Jim Rohn 


100 Day Challenge is a great platform for planning and plotting you're achievements... however I had a tendency to get lost as I didn't know how to set goals - so coming across Jim Rohn was Godsend...




Here is an example by a 50 year old woman.  A teen version might include things like - reading a book, getting an award at school, getting to school at all, being brave to attempt something difficult... identifying bullshit by taking your own counsel.


1.  Rewriting this website after the old 2000 model computer came to it's end taking with it 1000 webpages and 3000 photos... In those days there were no 'clouds' info was stored in the hard drive.


2.   Having the courage to attempt using technology in the first place.  With no apparent apptitude experience or training in maths, science or technology.  


3  Holding to family values taught to me when all around me would say the modern ways are best.  The belief that education and the arts are the most important of all things.  


4  Healthy Food - I have always eaten fresh fruit and veges every day.  Not by willpower.  Fruit does not require cooking, or create dishes that will need washing.  It's quick and convenient


5 Excercise - I have always been physically active - not by will power.  Partly by necessity (I do not drive)  could not always afford taxi price.  However activity creates it's own fuel, its own momentum to move forward quickly.  And in the old days - the bosses would push you hard and if you didn't move fast - they would simply get somebody that was more willing. 

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