The Bud of an Emerging Spring

In some countries the people can say what they think and feel, but in many more countries the people simply can't, 'cause they fear for their life.  In some countries they shoot you with rubber bullets and tear gas... in other countries they shoot you dead.


Real life rounds and cluster bombs and raining fire, I have bin there. I have seen innocent civilians being shot dead with no mercy.  Re-education starts by training kids to ID airborne ordinance disguised as toys... created to rip hands and feets of kids .


Re-education may end in showing how to grow your own food ... but it will not stop the murder ... slavery... and mass mind control here on our planet.


A wise man said we shall not fear the evil men that rule the world, but those that have done nothing to stop it.  The world wide peace movement is part of operation: controlled opposition.  Who ever has studied the philosophy of pacifism can tell ... who ever believes that with legal means we will be changing the world is sound asleep in a pink bubble.  Laws (legal means) are made to control you!!!  Not to set you free!!


Couch revolutionaries already piss them self thinking of hanging their true face out of the window... get real... dont let them fool you... or otherwise... go back to sleep... watch your eastenders (neighbores) ... mouth off at home.


7 - Yellow DSCF4027 Go and believe you're smart while cheating the unemployment office, but trust me . You that do so think that way, you are far away from being smart, you're actually dumb like a bag a hammers, go back to sleep, take your prozac, watch your tv, lick arse your bank-manager, your money, your god.  The ones that have all the power will not give up their power, over your dead body, mark my words.

The expression of nonviolent learning becomes a new extensional line in your mind when you feel the boot of the system (police) in your face...


I do agree with peaceful resistance to the degree of practical re-education art and music and so much more is a great part of it.  Thats all wonderful for those that have the chance to do so to live and handle so If we want to change something... we have to change our very life.  Stop supporting the system !!! It only works cause you support it.  You that you use the system are guilty in that sense !!


This is one side of the the term REVOLUTION . The other one is, go out there, stand up and fight for your right of freedom... for freedom of choice, this fight has many faces... the fight goes on!! - Buddy

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