Cultural Mapping

Vision or Faith Boarding -  is a more individual process of working with ideas using images and words.


Social Innovation  We use cultural mapping as an organisational and analytical tool, reducing errorism, assumption and cultural bias when we're evaluating, fact-finding, developing our strategy and choosing and recognising your priorities.     


21st C Community

Do your own mapping - at the periphery - that way you're included and better able to navigate with finesse.  Different to statistics - cultural mapping is a lively picture where there are unknowns. Doing the process gives you insight - a broader human picture than simple data collection. Doing the process of mapping out ideas in a semi-physical form, gives you greater clarity and objectivity.  


Cultural or mindmapping - means collating and working with ideas and information by creating a visual or digital chart.  It is exploring observations and perhaps sharing illustrative anecdotes. 


Cultural mapping is useful in building relationships among citizens in large populations.  In communities, industries and among those with shared goals - but lacking proximity or transport options.  


Cultural mapping is useful for increasing social inclusion for Self Determination  It can be data base and a physical map of a  population for accurately recognising community views and for helping to raise subject matter further discussion and debate.


Cultural mapping may be done on a whiteboard, a large piece of paper with some coloured pens, you simply get some people the more random the better - and start jotting down ideas, people, talent, cultures, places,  facilities,  history,  resources, orgs, festivals,  businesses, charities, not for profits - whatever comes to mind regardless of perceived value to the area of interest.  


Use colour to differentiate topics, highlight areas of purpose or signifcance.  Studying relationships is key to consolidating internal strength within a community. Elevator Pitch   100 Day Reality Challenge


What would Baba Yaga Say"No means NO! -They're not unknowns. Fallas know NO! -is the correct answer." 

Getting to Hands Off



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