Collaborative Production

One of the blues singers said - The Door was always open.


One of the Sufi ages said... We are knocking from the inside.


Protest by all means - but the keys to Social Innovation are in our hands as well as our hearts.


           Is Vote with Your Wallet Relevant in the New Paradigm?


Productivity, creativity and innovative thinking.  Cairns Indy-Media 


 A Shared Knowledge Community by Elijah Ignatieff


Social Innovation Hand in hand with web 2- social media connectivity, collaborative production is a strong foundation for economic & social justice in the digital world.Develop and promote & your cottage industry small business or service ideas.  Buildsupportive partnerships.        A sustainable system might be an hour glass, the sand in the top equals the sand in the bottom. You turn the glass over at the end of the cycle- low and behold it happens again.  In business there should be something manifest through creative input - not a debt. Community capacity + resources + budget  = what? GAPS?   - what happens to all the energy at The BottleneckDSCF6878 Cairns Indy-Media  Defeating globalisms is as easy as the choice to spend in a local economy - and choice to spend our minutes in productivity, creativity and innovative thinking. Protest by all means - but therein are the keys to social justice and the problem of unemployment and living fully in the 21st century.      Brindle Style - Content Generation Brindle Style 2013 - A decade of independent media production.  Join us for Season Eleven - The World Wide Journey of the Rising Sun on the Tropics of Capricorn.

100 Day Challenge Vision Board   Social Innovation   Self Determination


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