The Magic

  Day 201 of 2012  - 19th July        Cocreating our Reality     elf Determination    




Maiia: Having experienced the benifits of the

 100 Day Challenge myself - what happens as we apply it as a lense across a community business or an organisation? The Law of Attraction.   "What will happen if you record 100 days as you put Universal Laws & Principles into practice?"  VisionBoard 


 Healthy Wealthy & Wise      Co-Creating our Reality 100 Day Challenge   

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 Vision or Faith Board Group on facebookWealthy - what does it even mean?  That it's not about colours of collars, or even the dollars and material things goes without saying.  In visualisation we want the isness though - what would it be like to be wealthy?             

 Rhonda has written a very exciting new book. In The Magic Rhonda reveals an incredible 28-day journey- she will teach you how to apply this knowledge in everyday life. Click here for a preview."   The Magic by Rhonda Byrne is on prosperity, especially the value and importance of focus on Grace and Gratitude.   Crystal Ball Bookstore   DSCF3870

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