100 Day Challenge
Maiia Brindle

Lilou Mace was unemployed and needing to move back in with the parents at 30... NOW she's an online interviewer following in the footsteps of Oprah - but with a new paradigm toolkit.  She gets to meet amazing people and visit and share the most beautiful places in the world.     Well how?


CONTENT GENERATION   Maiia: In 2006 three woman set out to apply the practises and techniques shown in the movie of "The Secret'  


Our earliest readers will remember we were involved in promotion for the secret online and to tell you the Truth I thought their attitude to money was too much.  But didn't they sell a few CDs.  Didn't they head out on a trajectory.  It would be interesting to see the books and stats on what was in one way a cottage industry project - yet a project of of enormous magnitude and a mammoth undertaking of global cocreation.  And this is before the distribution power of facebook.


The 100 Day Challenge is a tried and tested global platform of millions for developing better focus and getting clear on intention.  Getting active and really putting into practise the step to making dreams come true.  Co-Creating our Reality 


Maiia: Vision or Faith Board Take a look at precisely what it is that you'd like to create for yourself - as a stepping stone  to making it happen.


Visioning the simple saying Healthy Wealthy & Wise proved illuminating.  Wealthy

as a lens across a business, a community or an organisation


 Social Innovation Dialogue






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