photoThe World Wide Journey of the Rising Sun.

During the viral internet project KONY Ugandan journalists were asking why do we not listen to THEM?


Until internet lands below the equator was pretty much out of sight and out of mind.
..  Go round the tropics of Capricorn...


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Maiia Brindle
Is this how we're REALLY seen?  A google search across the latitude paints a two dimensional picture, I crudely grabbed out the first 3 links to get an overview (below) A map showing the current styles of invasive colonialism perhaps?  The three stooges - Mining Military and Tourism. In western Australia was a phenomenon - real estate was huge. 


Vanuatu Tourism Vanuatu  Republic of Fiji normal">FijiTravel - LonelPlanetJames Cameron  -Nat Geograpc  Peru - WikiPeru- Lonely Planet   Peru - CIA  Machu Picchu- Wiki


Historic Machu Piccu  icchu    UNESCO  Bolivia - Wiki   Bolivia - Lonely Planet    Bolivia - CIA   Angola - Wiki  Republic of Angola- CIA Embassy of the Republic of Angola  South Congo - definition

th Congo  - Overland   Zimbabwe - Wikipedia    Zambia - Wikipedia  Tanzania - Wiki  Welcome to the

  Madagascar - Wika  (Movie) Cocos Keeling Is  ChristmasIs Tourism   Chris Is Nat Park  Immigration Detention Facility

The Pilbara - Australia's North West  

Pilbara - Wikipedia,   Rio Tinto -Pilbara   

Kimberley Info

Kununurra Map | Aus Google   Kununurra, W.A- Wikipedia +  pages and pages of junk N.T. Gov   N.T - Wiki  Northern_Land_CouncilGulf of Carpentaria - Wiki 
 Gulf of carpentariaCarpentaria - Britannica online
Brindle Style doesn't do much mass media - if it's got more than 10 million views - really it's had it's 15 minutes of fame as far as I'm concerned... what's REALLY goin' on outside the conglomerate monopoly.  What are we not REALLY missing out on if folk form clusters of belonging like flies to poop.   What's REALLY goin' on outside the Murdoch/Newscorp media monopoly. 
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