Knock Off

Whether you are Ruper Murdoch or Rupert the Bear, wasting time, resources, energy, and having an unpleasant or unsafe environment is counterproductive. 
Just 'cause you work for yourself doesn't mean overdoing your hours.  Even if you work from home.  Recognise the value in old-school trades practises like a set finishing time.  Like designing your own roster.  
  100 Percent - Getting a job finished professionally.
The old school apprentice develops physical and mental endurance and dexterity.  Learning how to build relationships, and support networks and learning through observation of crew at various ages and stages of their own professional development.while cleaning up and running the errands is learning how to function and communicate in a community and a workplace environment. 


European workplace systems were often based around meals, still a good way to plan. 4.00 pm is a good knock off time for a painter, out of the workshop and at the fridge by 4.30.  Depending on the size of the job, pack up mode might begin an hour before walk off time    Project Development


Resources, tools and equipment are treated with care, so they last longer and are ready and in the place they're supposed to be when you need to use them.  Perhaps it needs to be washed and returned to storage, or cartage if you're doing a show or market stall. 


Rubbish and recycling is taken to the approprate bin. Work surfaces are cleared. Cups and glasses washed, dried and put away.  Floors swept, maybe even mopped.  

One of the things a beginning tradie, or artisan develops is mental and physical endurance.  How to persist through the boring and difficult bits on the path to a goal.   Task Orientation 

Why?   Getting a job completed and getting out the door at the end of a day is an important.  So is knowing how to - and where to Get Started Monday - Organisation  

Chop wood, carry water.  The bucketing, the spinning of straw into gold of a traditional narrative, is important because the process and practise of humble work reveals deep knowledge that can be gained in no other way.



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