noun.1.  the power or ability to make a decision for yourself without influence from outside.

2. the right of a nation or people to determine its own form of government without influence from outside. 


Maiia Brindle

Social Innovation - Getting to Hands Off  This page was originally produced in 2007 in note of the public anger toward the a "NT Intervention"


 Follow the worldwide journey of the rising sun for broader context, the Tropics of Capricorn  Head East Across the mighty Pacific Ocean and the islands of  Polynesia to the lands of the Incas.  Bolivia and Brazil.  Cross the south Atlantic to Angola,  Southern Congo, Botswana Tanzania and Madagascar.


The Indian Ocean also has islands and takes us in to W.A. Western Australia where the sun rises like a giant Aboriginal flag over the Kimberlys, the Pilbara, the N.T and  North Queensland. 


This page then regained significance as professional Ugandan journalists told the facebook indy-media community how attention was actually drawn still further away from THEIR legitimate voice - by the American campaign.  "Invisible Children" and known as KONY.

Cook Yarn and Share


Let's get real about education, employment, productivity, creativity, innovation & social and economic Justice -MNA - The Work ExperienceHealthy Wealthy & Wise Structure to focus imagination and dreams  Vision/Faith Board  100 Day Reality Challenge


The reversal of self-determination is self-abnegation. In 2014 Australias suicide stats get an outing thanks to The Stringer. So what do we do about it?   Stolen Destiny  and  Reason to Live    Australian Help Lines/support/ services 


An injured croc disappears into the river sometimes for months in order to heal - we too must reconnect with nature and self Walden's Pond self nurturing and self healing to avoid burnout  Walden's Pond Facebook  



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