Warrior Spirit

Fire as the warmth that inspires the transformative, transcendent, resurrective and redeeming qualities in the human character.


Thoughts of the strong past, and no-budget pre-modern devices for psychological balance and wellbeing.  
Maiia: When I began to understand the grief the local pillage is based on - I began to wonder how did my old people navigate the colonial expeience and the tragedy visted upon them, and live to old ages gathering much knowledge and wisdom.  What techniques were used to get through the worst of times 100 or 200 years ago...?     Ray Of Sunshine   Art & the Archetypal Journey


In colour and chakra theory beyond blue (self-expression/truth) is Indigo the deep blue with it's intuitive reach into enlightened connection that leads us to transformation and divine re-creation.


Four Paths to the Heart    Maiia Art


Sorry Day Hibiscus "I think being of both immigrant and native ancestory and having to navigate simultaneously operating, often contradictory worlds-views without disrespecting anyone was quite an education." 
 Walden's Pond  One may discover what is of Life in more ways than joy. Loss, grief, surrender and silence, are in the via negativa. They too can leads us to the heart of creativity, and inspired action. Via Creativa
 Via Transformativa working for social & economic  Justice
 and homeostasis (balance/sustainablility) Celebrating when people come together to enjoy one another and give thanks for the gifts and the power of being in harmony.
 The Anchor -"When a ship drops Anchor it grounds itself, and secures itself, to  a certain spot from which it will not move. It stabilizes itself from the waves, tides, currents and various other movementsDSCF9414

 which the sea may throw at it.

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