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Maiia Brindle's art is a beacon in the night sky like the Southern Cross helping those sailing on the seas of the southern hemisphere to navigate their way to a sustainable future.  Both realistic and visionary her paintings represent a Buddhist middle path between the reality obliterating psychedelic art of the ayahuasca DMT pop stars and the dead mortuary sterileness of the art museum.  Her paintings help us percieve the nature of reality or the reality of nature and the tranquility of the Buddha mind.


Based in the tropical rainforest of far north Queensland where her art brings happiness from the walls of restaurants and new age permaculture communities, Maiias art is like rain to drought stricken farmers or the annual innundation of the Nile river.  Maiia's art is what we need and will eventually transform the clamourng suicide death machine prison industrial complex into non-competitive eco-topia.


Vibrant and warm like the sun featured on the Australian Aboriginal flag, cool and refreshing as water or a good cry Maiia's art grounds us onthe earth and will help us soar into the sky of the future and the realisation of peace.


Maiia's art transcends media.  It is an artwork so grounded in place and time that object and subject become one - an art so sweetly in tune with the needs and archetypes of the mind that the viewer becomes participant and fellow artist in the realisation of the dreaming for which paint is the medium.


Maiia's art brings us back to the sound of water where poetry is made - it teleports us back to the safe calm place where we lay hatred aside, where the trees are full of fruit, where there are boundless planes to share, where we may be ourselves... be at peace... be happy. - Jacob


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