Constructive Feedback


Find out what you do well and make improvements


Maiia Brindle

Good evaluation becomes priceless when it helps us to perform more effectively, as individuals or as a Team.  It helps us to find out where to focus and what ideas or points we might give more attention to, in order to develop, grow and become accomplished.  More effective in a situation or a field.

When delivered with grace communication and evaluation becomes an art form. For example Marshall Rosenbergs Nonviolent Communication. 

However validation and peer recognition being primary human needs, we find that giving feedback is best done skillfully to enable better HEARING.  


Feedback may be used to play pecking and to put people down.


Receiving Feedback  Built as the European daspora often is upon caste based, hierarchal, highly militarised systems. It's propensity for finding conflict instead of finding answers is way too common.


Consider and include other people's opinions and recommendations is helpful to the process of developing great strategies. It also promotes trust and builds up interpersonal relationships.  When you give feedback it should be constructive offering advice, to influence and motivate people to achieve better outcomes. 



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