Team Building

A team or a community is people working together to accomplish a common goal.


The individual team memebers bring a variety of knowledge and skills that are useful in achieving our goals. The group members will share responsibility for tasks and depend on one another to achieve them.


The philosopher Aristotle said that 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts' meaning good teamwork will produce more creativity and productivity than can be achieved by individuals working alone. 

A team goal is WHAT your team wants to achieve.


A team objective is HOW your team will go about achieving its goal.   


Team purpose: Why are we here?”, “What is our intention?”


Team goals:What specific things do we want to do achieve?”  Small Goals   Goal Setting 


Tasks needed to achieve the team goals objectives e.g. “How will we do it?"


Roles and responsibilities. “Who will do what?”

Team plan. “What steps will we take?”, “In what order do we need to do the tasks?”


Timeline “When will we do these tasks?”, “What’s our deadline?”


   Monday - Organisation 

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