Team Building

"A team is a group of people who are working together to accomplish a common goal.  The team members share responsibility for the team's tasks and depend on one another to achieve them. 

Teams offer great benifits.  team members have a variety of knowledge and skills useful in achieving the organisation's goals.  Teamwork often results in more creativity and greater productivity.  As a leader you benifit as well.  With successrfyul teams in place you have more time to devote to leadership issues because you spend less time on day to day supervision and activities." Toastmasters Competent Leadership Manual

Analytical listening skill


A particularly good example is in Cairns is our festival comittees . My most recent experience being the inaugural Cairns Blues festival - May 2009.   Pauline Langley and her team including Kitty Burnett, produced a civic event of some magnitude that ran as smooth as clockwork.  Utterly brilliant example of team-work.

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