Project and Professional Development for Creative Industries Let's utilise the technology along with the ordinary human capacity for wisdom, discrimination, mercy, generosity and good will toward a brave new paradigm of social, economic and restorative justice." -  CONTENT GENERATION




Monday   ORGANISATIONAL SKILLS Clarify your goals & develop your strategies.

Tuesday   Presentation & Communication 

 Stagecraft, branding, Websites and Social Media


Wednesday   Narrative, Cintext "Quality" and Professionalism.


Thursday Enterprise. Social Innovation.  Cottage Industry.


Friday  Personal Support  Mentoring, Evaluation, Fellowship and Feedback


Workstudy program includes food and accomodation for one week.  It is a rigorous schedule of learning where workscholars complement their course of study with 20 hours per week of work in a department of operations to reduce fees.  Usually kitchen or housekeeping.   Application Form F.A.Q



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