Kohanga Reo

Ka Hikitia – Managing for Success : This strategy is about realising potential, understanding and accepting that culture counts.  The Māori Education Strategy 2008-2012. 


New Zealand  Ministry of Education  Parents Section 



In the Beginning- "Those elders attrending agreed the time had come for Maoridom to take control of the future of language and plan for its survival.  if no action was taken then the language and therefore the heart of the culture would disappear with them."


Visit the Kohanga Reo Website in Aotearoa.


 "Fluency in the Mäori language and the depth of Mäori knowledge were held by the native speakers, a small percentage of the Mäori population over 50 years of age. If the language and Mäori values were to be retained then the best solution was for the native speakers to share their knowledge with the mokopuna, the very young. The key lay with the mokopuna. They were the investment for the future of the language."


 Kaupapa - Schooling delivered in Maori language learning

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