Greenham Common Women

  ‘We fear for the future of all our children and for the future of the living world which is the basis of all life’. - GWPC website        Wikipedia


 Greenham Women's Peace Camp 


Maiia: (left) - lol the weapons of mass destruction were eventually sent back to America with their personel but 96 cruise missiles multiplied by 16 Hiroshimas!!!  A tad excessive boys.  Talk about a bad case of phallic envy, talk about over-kill.  Ehe- 50 000 women complain- jobs get done. 


 The Battle of Greenham Common is Over...

"On 14 November, 1983, the first of 96 cruise missiles arrived, each carrying a warhead with the explosive power of 16 Hiroshima bombs. At the annual 'embrace the base' event the following month, 50,000 women encircled the fence. Although the missiles were removed from the base in the early nineties, a small number of women remained as part of a wider resistance to nuclear weapons. The last three left in 2000 to make way for a commemorative and historic site.   Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty -Wikipedia


Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament - Myspace   WIKI "...was co-founded in Christchurch





CND NZ. -"WAS CO-FOUNDED IN CHRISTCHURCH New Zealand in 1959 with the help of lsie Locke and Mary Woodford  Mabel Heatherington, who belonged to an earlier generation of peace activist from England, was largely responsible for setting up CND (NZ) in Auckland when she moved to NZ after the second world war." 

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