Bridging Heaven and Earth


This joyous celebration of the infinite, the inclusive and the Oneness first went to air in 1995 broadcast to 150 cities in the U.S. 


Brindle Style Artists Network launched the Bridging - or BHE Facebook strategy in 2009





This show, whose only purpose is to speak to the upliftment of Spirit, and to the Oneness in all Life, without any specific spiritual or religious orientation, "Bridging Heaven & Earth" is the most watched and admired show on the planet." California Sun, Editor Nicole Shoong 


Create an Art piece based on a theme "Bridging Heaven and Earth"


All 300+ hour long shows clips are now archived and available for free via Vimeo, Youtube etc...


Unfortunately Bianca, via Allans account took over our Bridging Forum and lapsed the healing art project.  And changed the show beyond all recognition - and I would say, value.  


Maiia It does pass through my mind occassionally to take Allan at face value and continue as he authorised me to, alas I don't think it is possible - IT IS A LOT - of work.  One well worth the doing but one that ought to be paid for I guess.  


R.I.P Allan Silberhartz.   R.I.P Bridging Heaven and Earth.

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