Alfred Adler

 Adler chose to study wellness not illness.


Instead of looking into symptoms and traumas Prof Adler (1870 –1937) found great  advantage and gains are made by individuals making their own personal progress.


Outsider and self-taught artists have a very interesting approach to inspiring students to take their next step...

"The object of education is for the student to take the next stepEliza Sellton
An Australian/ Aotearoa home-made handcrafted approach to learning.  Post-colonial, post-imperial and pre-modern   Whether for the fun or professional development.  - Maiia   

ABRAHAM MASLOW     Hierarchy of Human Needs You CAN DO IT  learning




Adler’s own personality has been likened to that of a kindly Grandmother.  




Parallel Thinking by Edward de Bono  (Book Review)


Scottish comedian MARK DAY  - takes the piss...  outa The Secret


Adler and his contemporaries including Abraham Maslow  discovered,  our human brain is especially absorbent before age six. Like a computer our brain stores (internalizes) information from experiences, both physical and intellectual. 


This data becomes part of the adult person’s  background operating system. 



Exposure to disapproval, negative remarks, and evaluations of behavior emphasising mistakes and shortcomings can build a head fulla negatives.


For example: Re-member is straight up than "Don't forget" is the hard way.


The student begins to observe this.  We notice people go around growling themselves.  Grumble grumble.  

These grumble files hinder growth and evolution. In this case – approaching learning with



With deliberation - we build new files that enable us to move to ward a life -well-lived...


Study of the subconscious mind has been picked up and used by government and industry in many many positive ways.  The biggest clanger perhaps has been the commercial manipulation of 2oth century mass broadcasting and print media.  Our ancestors used tools of communication to actually communicate. Story and song were used to teach, the themes passed down through generations.  Knowledge filtered down the millennia.   With the bottom dollar the highest goal. Psychology today is used very efficiently to manipulate sales.   The devices they use we can use too!!! The target audience we’re marketing at is our Self.              - You CAN Do It!! Repetition – Imagery – Jingles  -  Dreams   You CAN Do It! Toward our goal.       B


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