Norma McCarthy

Taking Art Where Angels Fear to Tread... Outsider Art


Norma created an onsite, open door, on-going, community wellbeing centre.  Using Colour and creativity as a healing tool.  An evolving art installation and mobile healing centre.  Travellers and local people A Shared Knowledge Community Coming together to dance, create and cocreate. 


SCHOOL OF ARTS - Search For the Real Rainbow - A True Story.


Norma McCarthy - a high flyer from Sydney with a few bob in her pocket.   Advocate for women's rights and the new feminism. The Germaine Greer Brigade. Working woman steppin' out!  Tarted up in the fashions  she sailed from Sydney to Tasmania on the Oriana, pulling in to watch the run of the Melbourne Cup. Urban born, hopeful and loving the razzamatazz... Then she ran away from the city to the Tropics of Capricorn.   


Apart from being a hub for the Rainbow Tribe - The visionary and outsider artist opened Port Douglas's first artists collective and gallery.  Had a number one hit in Joh Bjeleke era, creating and selling Bush Sculptures.  These were large decorative assemblage pieces that she hand sclupted from natural materials sourced locally.  She was represented in foyers and lounges throughout the region and exported overseas.    

In old age she is documenting the plight of marginalised Australians.  Living in refuges, shelters, bus stops and 'orrible squats all over the country.   Australian outsider artist Norma McCarthy says she is a reflection of the decay within Australian society.  We're conservative and complacent to Globalism and need to reinforce the Aussie spirit of mateship.  MORE    ABOUT US










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