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dd -Dominic Johns local mosaiic artist -


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The Nek Chand   Foundation- "Nek Chand, a humble man, turned

his dream into reality through solitary determination. He scavenged discarded urban debris and transported hand-picked stones from nearby hills on his bicycle, in order to construct the characters that inhabit his realised dream of a kingdom of gods and goddesses. He carried water in bamboo containers so that his garden would be lush with plants. And he stood up to the city"s bureaucracy when it learned of his clandestine plan that violated local construction regulations and Le Corbusier"s master-plan for India's new city of Chandigarh."   Nowadays Nek Chand has a Parisian fanclub  among a growing network of international supporters helping to make the 83 year old artists dream continue... More


RAWVISION  -   "He had access to waste dumps of his Department and after his working day he brought materials and stones back to his clearing on the back of a bicycle. So began one of the most momentous achievements of individual human creativity in modern times. By 1965 he was ready to begin his kingdom. The land he was working on was not his own, but a Government area where no development or building of any kind was permitted. Unlike other Indian cities, Chandigarh was carefully planned and only authorised development was permitted."




below footage of gardens with striking resemblance to Paronella Park the fantasy garden of a Tablelands creator and visionary. 





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