ANZAC DAY April 25


ANZAC EVE   A new event that has been added to the Anzac commemorations in Canberra - an Anzac eve Peace Lantern Parade and Vigil assembleo on top of Mt Ainslie and parades down the mountain, past the Australian War Memorial and assembles again for an all-through-the-nightÊlantern-lit Vigil in Anzac Parade.


 "We artfully acknowledge the frontier wars and the ongoing suffering of Aboriginal people, refugees and migrants, remembering that almost everyone in this land has a family story of trauma and loss through war."


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Media Reform    Brindle Style - Media Reform facebook


We're seeing the return to community of war veterans from 'service'.  May we be better prepared.  Walden's Pond


April 15-21 Creativity & Innovation Week  www.creativityday.org/


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