November 2017 will see the return to court of the crew from Peace Cnvergence 2016 #PeacePilgrims  #ClosePineGap....


Christian's Against All Terrorism   a direct nonviolent challenge to Australian complicity in the illegal war on Iraq and the silencing of anti-war dissent. PINE GAP - Survival Revival Women's Camp


pic: Donna Mulhearn, Sean O'Reilly,Jim Dowling, Bryan Law and Adele Goldie, with Jessica Morrison - THE PINEGAP SIX


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"Bryan Law wrote a letter to the then defence minister, Robert Hill, requesting permission to make a citizen’s inspection of Pine Gap on the suspicion that the base was involved in terrorist activity. Permission was denied. Law wrote back saying he and three other people intended to perform the inspection anyway and gave the exact date on which they would be arriving." - Rose Lane (New Matilda)  MORE


3 October 2006, four members of the group calling itself Christians Against ALL Terrorism   entered the Pine Gap spy base near Alice Springs Australia, to conduct a citizens inspection of activities for possible war crimes and terrorist activity like the bombing of innocent civilians in Iraq, carried out by a foreign power on Australian soil.


Campaign Against the Arms Trade 

"CAAT recognises that, in a world of military alliances and transnational military industry, traditional national 'defence' no longer exists for the UK. Whilst within CAAT there is diversity of opinion on the general issues of military defence, non-violence and security, it is agreed that high military spending is unacceptable, and only reinforces a militaristic approach to problems."  






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