Brindle Style becomes a teenager.  

SEASON Thirteen -Travelling Light


On March 8th we begin a new season with our annual month long feature where we highlight and showcase - Women's Work 



Germaine Greer. "Middle-class western women have the privilege of serving the revolution, not of directing it.   The ideological battles the feminist theorists are engaging are necessary but they are a preliminary to the emergence of female power, which will not flow decorously out from the universities or from the consumerist women's press."     Brindle Style - Women on facebook



 St Patrick's Day Sat 17th of March - is not a public holiday in Australia : ) Celtic Confusion



Greenham Common "When the mothers of the world decide they dont wanna see their children die anymore - the wars wil stop." 


During the equinox the northern and southern hemispheres are equally illuminated  


Create a Rainbow for Harmony Day - and Post us a picture...   

Brindle Style - Multiversity  


 National Harmony Day for elimination of discrimintion      


Community groups make Harmony Day their own by organising events according to their needs, interests and strengths. Morning teas, fairs, concerts, school assemblies, sporting events and national costume days are among the different events that have been staged to showcase cultures, traditions and backgrounds." -                            


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