Talk Nicely - Interpersonal Communication
Unfortunately walking in anothers shoes is not that easy.  


Learn how to speak with people in a good way


It pays to improve communication SKILL.

In general, at home and in the workplace.
Folk are often busy about their business and focusing on what they're doing. Being interrupted may break their concentration and put them off track. This can make them seem grumpy, uninterested or unhelpful.  
When wanting to talk with someone don't bombard them - ask them when is a convenient time and if needed make an appointment?
When you know your purpose in communicating, then you can work out the right sort of questions to ask.
While you're learning new skills it can be helpful to make notes or a Checklist so you can refer back to it and be sure that you remember things correctly. It will also gives the speaker feedback that you really are listening and what they say matters.
A lot of research can be done with an internet search - even using mobile phone.  Don't waste peoples time by asking questions needlessly.  Or (shudder) thinking that asking needless questions online is a good strategy to kick your facebook algorithms along.

Maria Tonks "Living in a pathology focussed culture, too many young people mistake their own natural intuitive caution and selfcare - for an inadequcy.
Before you go diagnosing yourself with some internet psychological disorder - check and see whether you actually are unsupported, and surrounded by strangers. 


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