The Right Questions
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Good questions make for better answers.


Good questions help us to open up communication and conversations.  They help us get to the point, to explore possibilities and good questioning allows ideas to flow, to grow and evolve. - or be discarded.


Good questions and language use reduce the likelihood of irritable responses, nervous defensive behaviour, dismissal and rejection.

Questions give us access to a variety of perspectives. This reduces the chances of us being wrong. It can show us where a bias may be slowing us down.  Recognising bias and error is HUGELY important.  Humans and dodgey logic often come up with very wrong answers.


What Are Open Questions?


REFLECTION - QUESTIONING SELF - This is a great practise to incoporate in to our every day life.  Questioning ourselves and our thoughts can help us to gain greater clarity.
Questions can help us refine and improve our thinking, our ideas and our plans. They can helps us to self-correct.


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