Graeme Dunstan



"Turn off the tv sets.  Turn towards kindness. Turn to friends who are kind to you and help extend that kindness to others. Speak up and speak out about your fears and concerns. Be visible and be heard. Make art together. Occupy public space and public imagination. Build community. Build resistance. Community resistance. Sustainable resistance.  For the Earth!"


Graeme Dunstan pictured left with one of his grandchildren is a veteran of the Australian peace movement. It's been a long road from Essendon High to Royal Military College Duntroon, to university days in Melbourne and Sydney and a long career in festivals and events.


Since 1998 Mr Dunstan now an aged pensioner continues to utilise his working knowledge and skills at occupying public place in the service of social movements for peace, justice and a sustaining Earth.  



One of the most famous events he codirected was The AQUARIUS Festival .  Rather than just a consumerist show of drinking beer, smoking dope and watching bands this was an exploratory and participatory experience. Very 'alternative' at the time, a sharing of music, do it yourself arts and crafts, workshops, circles of healing, learning and creativity that would go on to become the norm in the 21st century with Burning Man and the like.


"Many Aquarian dreams flourished and over time became so seamlessly integrated that their Aquarian inspiration is now almost forgotten and invisible, others became eccentricities or passing fashions, and yet others the shibboleths of scorn and ridicule for succeeding generations.  We celebrate the significance of Aquarius and the wonder of rainbow dreams. Because if you don't have a dream …"  GRAEME DUNSTAN  

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