The Gimuy Peace Pilgrims

Premodernism and Postcolonialism Out on the periphery, weathering the cyclones of life on the most remote country left in the world - Southern Hemisphere tropics. The final frontiers of invasive colonialism.


The Peace Pilgrims are a set of spirit-led affinity groups [action groups] that use nonviolent direct action & events to CHANGE THE WORLD. We hate militarism & colonisation. The communty farcebook page is run by the Gimuy Peace Pilgrims in Cairns. (Australia) You can find other friends - the Quaker Grannies pilgrims or Brisbane Catholic Workers, Swan Island. Graeme Dunstan PeaceBus capitain and pilgrim-  


In the nonviolence tradition of the American Sage who walked her talk PEACE PILGRIM , The Catholic Worker Movement and Dorothy Day Australian social and environmental justice workers Peace Pilgrim - Margie and Bryan Law began sharing on Nonviolent Resistance and in 2003 they began building the centre for faith-based activism in far north Queensland.  PEACE By PEACE  

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