Premodernism and Postcolonialism


Maiia BrindleLet's get REAL about education, innovation, productivity, creativity and employment.   From horse & cart straight on to the information super highway.  From the stone age and the stoner age to the new age.


Through a massive Community Conversation  and Australia wide Cultural Mapping (1985 - 2015)  Brindle Style has produced a cocreation model that enables individuals and neighbourhoods.   Shared Knowledge Community


"SOCIAL INNOVATION happens when you get as many people in as many fields of interest and endeavour as possible talking. Rather than being truly new the innovation generally comes from evolving existing ideas, rather than being truly new. Community Conversation



Parallels in community development between Aotearoa and Australia.   Brindle Style caught up with Debbie and  Ngahau Davis  in 2009, early days of social media. It's been an interesting witness. Healing the Problem 



Healthy Wealthy & Wise Through a lense of the 100 Day Challenge


CONTENT GENERATION - THE NEXT STAGE Project and Professional Development Skills for Creative Industry.  SCHOOL of ARTS - We offer occasional artist in residence spaces.  To reduce the cost, woofers may complement their course of study with 20 hours per week of working in a department of operations.  Usually kitchen, yard or technical assistance.

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