Premodernism and Postcolonialism
Maiia Brindle

NEW!! - NIGHTSCHOOL - Don't let your schooling stand in the way of a great education.Premodernism and Postcolonialism


Healthy Happy & Wise  - What happens if we look at a community  through a lense of the 100 Day Challenge



"SOCIAL INNOVATION: is what you get through getting as many people in as many fields of interest and endeavour as possible talking with one another. The innovation usually comes from evolving existing ideas, rather than being truly new. Community Conversation



Brindle Style caught up with Debbie and  Ngahau Davis   in 2009, early days of social media. It's been an interesting witness. Parallels in community development, and communication.  Once and for All - Synergistic convergence of healing. Healing the Problem  


Inspired by Gisborne Photo News -Tairawhiti Museum Maiia (Editor) Background  Brindle Style comes out of the 1980s community print tradition, our monthly newsletter received such an overwhelmingly positive response. On International Women's Day 2003 we took a leap of faith with Tim Berners Lee and his 'read-write web' 


Healthy Wealthy & Wise What happens if we look at a community  through a lense of the 100 Day Challenge


CONTENT GENERATION  - THE NEXT STAGE Project and Professional Development Skills for Creative Industry. SCHOOL of ARTS

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