Critical Mass

Let's Get Real about Education, Innovation, Productivity, Creativity & Employment.  A COMMUNITY CONVERSATION FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION.  Via Creativa  Ideas like a pendulum - momentum in time. 


A critical mass or tipping point occurs when an idea has enough energy and weight behind it enabling the pendulum (people with open hearts) to return to centre. AQUARIUS  A collective return to harmony, community and balance.  Roots deep in the solid grounds of the tried and true blue. 


WALDEN'S POND Bringing Art to Healing. Maiia - is a visual artist, photographer and blogger from Gisborne - New Zealand. First city of the sun as it was known- Southern Hemisphere - TROPICS of CAPRICORN

CONTENT GENERATION - Decolonise the multi-billion dollar transnational conglomerate networks and economies of the media and entertainment industries. 

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