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"Let's Get Real About Education, Innovation, Productivity, Creativity and Employment"

  he joy in seeing people succeed. In hearing the stories.  The levels of willingness to learn and all the new tools and Way

WELL! That little motto, that street level view, has ESCALATED since this page was originally written in 2014.



Gain clarity. Have fun. Dream big


  Vision Boarding Facebook 


VISION BOARDING HAHA - Put your thoughts and ideas into a pictorial form to reflect upon, in the unfolding of the future. You can simplify it by doing a session - we provide loads of support materials and clean up the mess.


  Find out more in our forum Vision Boarding 



2019 Weekenders  Create your own Painting on Canvas 


This is our most popular weekend workshop where you get to take home your own large finished artpiece. It includes all the materials, the canvas, acrylic paints, tuition/ hands on help, lunches and beverages in lush and conducive surroundings.  With or without music of your choice.


10.00 am til 4.00 pm.   1 day - $ 200   2 days  - 350.00 



WEEKEND Creative Retreat - $ 550.00  Our parkside residential retreats supply in addition to materials and help, a lovely getaway, with a private room, grounds and the beach.




7 Day - Creative Retreat - $2150 Participate in the Brindle Style learning culture in your own unstructured way. Nourish your heart and soul with healthy meals, and a nurturing personal mentoring.


Project & Professional Development 


Immerse yourself in the applied learning environment of a working studio and catapult yourself from wantrepreneur to professional. Getaway to focus or reflect. You could finish an old project or begin a new one. 


$695 6 days - 10.00 am til 4.00 pm.  Includes workbook, materials, lunch, and beverages 

Bonus - Ongoing support through the homestudy programmes and access to facebook study groups.


Workstudy  Best Value - Our Work Study program is a rigourous schedule of live-in learning where workscholars complement their study with 20 hours per week working in a department of operations to reduce fees.  Usually kitchen or housekeeping.  Here is a sample work schedule as an indication.  Schedule  


Places are limited and subject to availability.  So please note that submitting an application is not registration in the programme. Registration occurs only after approval of an application.  Applications For 2019 



28 Day Residential Intensive - $3.600 au 


- We offer three places only per year.

Private Room, Meals, snacks, beverages, workbook and mentoring all included.

Access All Areas - Ongoing support  -through the homestudy programmes and study groups. 


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