Application Form

Please note that submitting an application is not registration in the program. Registration occurs after approval of an application. 


Name   ______________________________________________________________ 

Address _____________________________________________________________ 

Phone number _______________________________________________________

Date of Birth





Please include links to your website, blog, facebook etc that may help us to understand and support your goals and intention.


Areas of interest - list your preferred areas of emphasis or artforms


Assignments to departments are made according to community labour needs (usually kitchen or housekeeping). If a preferenceor particular skills or experience in these areas, please list them below...


We're happy to accomodate your specialised dietary requirements where possible.  - List your food preferences. 



Please attach a personal statement about your interest in the Work Study program, telling us why you’d like to participate and what you hope to take with you when you leave. One or two A4 pages.  This helps us to individualise and coordinate the programme to suit your individual needs and ours.


All applicants are required to sign a standard release-from-liability and assumption-of-risk form as a condition of participation in the Work Study program. This form will be mailed to you upon acceptance to the program.



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