Task Orientation

If You Do Nothing and talk rubbish - you're either a politician or you have no job, career or lifestyle.



Project & Professional Development  NOT TALKING - Working.  Anchoring the Skytalk. We each have the same 24 hours in a day.  Get on the path to what you WANT.


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Develop foundational skills like diligence, persistence; solution seeking and applicationGrow in mental and physical agility, endurance and dexterity. No it's not magic - we learn how to get up the get up and go to become a thoroughgoing adult.  

  Knock Off      Professional Finish 

Go among professional people, one of the best places is among the elders. Work inobtrusively alongside some old-school mastery. Get mentoring from one who has ACTUALLY.  Been there. Done that. And still doing it. Go where people do amazing things. 


Completion:  It pays to think.  Even within a cottage industry or home-based business you can delegate or outsource aspects of your work, preferably locally.  To ensure the work is completed in the easiest, most timely, and cost effective manner.  


 Our Monday page has tips for planning and organising.To get a very clear view of a project, try physically mapping your ideas and plans on paper or blackboard.  Specifically refine and define what the TASKS involved are and when you will DO to get to - JOB DONE! 


Monday Clarify goals & develop strategies. You need structure to help plan well the day and monitor progress. Data Base

Tuesday Stagecraft, branding, digital and physical platforms   Present & Communicate

Wednesday   Narrative, "Quality" and  professionalism.

Thursday Social Innovation, Management and entrepeneurship.  

Friday  Personal Support  Mentoring and feedback


Leave the airyfairy B.S use structures, processes and practises to birth ideas into being.  To make ideas realities. No matter whether you have a physical or digital platform or which way wind and whims of fashion and technology may blow. 

A rudimentary understanding of what is the meaning of the words compliance and procedure - does not in fact constitute 'good enough' results.  More like an act of faith.  Copying of the US and Canada inspires in me no reason for faith - and I'm not even an atheist - Maiia (Auntie bin get the shits up with idiots - with enough education, money and power to do their work to a much higher standard.  The Truth being - lack of Care.)

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