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Jodie Cockatoo Creed 254
"We must rapidly begin the shift from a thing-oriented society to a person-oriented society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, militarism and economic exploitation are incapable of being conquered. A nation can flounder as readily in the face of moral and spiritual bankruptcy as it can through financial bankruptcy."  Dr.King, 1967 Wynton: "Dr King Day Address 
Satori (悟り?- is a Japanese Buddhist term for awakening, "comprehension; understanding".  In the Zen Buddhist tradition, satori refers to the experience of kenshō, "seeing into one's true nature". Ken means "seeing," shō means "nature" or "essence."  ChinesepinyinKorean oVietnamesengộ) - wikipedia.      Style up this winter - Satorial Elegance

A brave new paradigm of global villages and communication. BRINDLE STYLE is not contrived to advance somebody's PR agenda, or in the words of wikipedia- 'persuade you to believe something that's not true.  SELF-DETERMINATION  SOCIAL INNOVATION  Voluntary Simplicity and cottage industry are fundamental to decolonisation and developing the economy at the periphery. 
The PEACEROOM From horse and cart straight on to the information super highway... Tropics of Capricorn
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