Affiliate Marketing


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Affiliate marketing, is helping someone else to sell their goods or services. Similar to selling on commission.  


Before internet that may have meant going door to door and conning householders into purchasing brooms or vacuum cleaners. The seller received part of the purchase price.          HOW TO...


Another old school way of getting commision sales was to put a product in someone elses shop or market stall. They would give you money when the product sold.


Multi Level Marketing MLM or network selling is a similar story.  It's compared to pyrimid selling.  You get paid when you sell, except if you can recruit others to sell  you also recieve a % of their sales as well.


Residual or passive income is when you sell, say a subscription. Each time the purchaser renews the subscription, you automatically get paid again.

C.C.C Community Collaborative Commerce A network of support for e-commerce


Direct Sales  If you stand behind your products 100%. Then you are likely to be a good advocate without becoming too annoying.

  The Emporium     Is "Vote with Your Wallet"  relevant in the 21st Century?


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