Direct Marketing

 Why should I care about your hobbies your egotistical attention seeking and slef ? 


Growing, making, exhanging and transfering STUFF.     Became rather interesting in a digital world.


Who cares about about your relationship break up? 


             Affiliate Marketing or Commission


What's in it to me?


Do anyone in your readership or audience Website actually want what yous.  

In the usual understanding of what trading is you have something that 

Watch, listen and learn about what they want to buy.


Fan Funding and Crowd Sourcing - Fan or crowd funding began around 2001. Artists Share came online about the same time as us in 2003, when systems were much slower than they are today. I remember well the intrigue when digital download sales  became a real


Their projects have received 6 Grammys 21 Grammy nominations.  So it bodes well for growth in this sector due to our much improved social media and video tools.

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